Claudia Cieri | President and CEO

Claudia Cieri is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of AD-COM. She is responsible for worldwide operations and strategic development, implementing the company's strategy, guiding the development of its key technologies and services, as well as managing its lead partnering and client relationships.

With 12 years experience in the technical issues surrounding language services, Claudia is the guiding force in the development of the company's key technologies and products, and is the driver for AD-COM's proprietary workflow software, AccMate™.

In an ongoing effort to keep up to date with latest localization and internationalization processes, relevant tools, and localization theories, Claudia maintains a membership with various professional organizations (LISA, AILIA, and the STC) and close ties with two of Montreal's prominent Universities. Actively involved in the development of the Localization and Translation community, Claudia has been invited to share her views and has lectured on the state of Localization and Translation in Canada, as well as on the Industry's future.

Mathieu Foucher | Project Manager

Whether a project is big or small, Mathieu’s genuine interest in each project’s details ensures that clients receive high-quality, professional results. His command of English and French complements a broad knowledge of the Translation industry’s leading software. Whatever the technical challenge, Mathieu will find the answer.

Mathieu’s contribution is essential when planning a translation project. By carefully listening to the client’s objectives and focusing on their needs, he advises on the best way to get the job done while maximizing the advantages of effective translation under the best possible conditions.

An experienced journalist and editor, Mathieu holds a Master’s degree in Literature and is a published author. This powerful combination of experience and training is indispensable to clients who require professional editing services.

No matter the complexity, when Mathieu is on a project, clients can feel confident.

Stephane Naveteur | Localization Engineer

Stephane manages the technical component of all localization and translation work at AD-COM. Where a project involves extracting strings from complex programming code, resolving character set issues, applying sophisticated CAT tools, or creating ingenious technical solutions, you will find Stephane.

In his more than 10 years experience with some of the industry’s best-known names, Stephane has collected an extensive knowledge of tools and techniques which enable him to find unique solutions to the technical challenges natural to localization projects. If it includes software user interface, online help file, or HTML file translation, Stephane evaluates the project with a technical eye then supplies the analysis and recommendations that help our Project Managers make effective decisions.

Specializing in the latest language and communication technologies, Stephane is responsible for internal and external development teams, conformity to specifications, creating procedures, and developing internal tools and macros. He also trains the AD-COM team in the use of the latest tools, and keeps everyone informed about the industry’s latest technical innovations.

Stephane’s extensive knowledge and experience coupled with his meticulous work style make him a valuable asset. Clients can be sure that, when Stephane reviews their projects, they will receive the most effective technical solutions available.

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